Colorful Canvases: Exploring The World Of Painting

Colorful Canvases: Exploring The World Of Painting

February 09, 2024



A powerful piece of painting can invoke strong reactions from the subconscious, whether it is a trending social media video or a recently installed community artwork. However, this renewed appreciation of art is often hampered by limited knowledge of painting tools and techniques.

The world of painting is not limited to a handful of tools, and it also involves grand canvas art, which lets the painter express their artistic flair in a creative manner.

Therefore, this comprehensive guide is going to explore the colorful world of painting through captivating canvases.

1. Art Sheets


Recycled A2 Card Art sheets are versatile and can be the perfect surface for various artistic endeavors. The diverse range of art sheets available includes heavyweight watercolor paper, smooth Bristol boards, and colored poster papers often sold as poster roll. 

Each type offers unique benefits, ensuring you can enhance your art and elevate your creativity without limitations.

2. Graphite Pencils


Everyone is familiar with the "lead" pencil; however, it is not and has never been created from lead, but rather from graphite, a form of carbon that is combined with clay and baked. Graphite pencils are best sharpened with a sharp craft knife rather than a pencil sharpener. 

They are classified from hard (H) to soft (B). The harshest is 9H, the softest is 9B, with F (for fine) and HB in the midst. H pencils (2H, 3H, and 4K; they get increasingly harder) are wonderful for clear-cut, light lines but can scrape into the surface of your paper. Thus, B pencils are preferable for softer, tonal work.

Each pencil grade produces only a single tone of darkness, and no amount of pressure will make that tone darker. If you want a darker tone, use a softer pencil. 

Soft pencils provide a wider variety of tones than hard pencils and may be wiped without leaving an impression if a mistake is made. As a result, most drawings are drawn with HB or softer pencils. Start with a 2B or 3B pencil and go to a softer (or blacker) pencil, such as a 6B or 9B, for deeper tones.



3. Broad Spectrum of Brushes


A brush is the typical instrument for applying ink. Good-quality sable brushes are ideal for adding ink or watercolor washes. They hold a considerable volume of liquid and, if properly cared for, retain their points for a long time. 


4. Intuitive Ink


Drawing inks come in various colors and are waterproof or water-soluble. Water-soluble inks are less common than waterproof inks.   

Both inks can be combined with water to create tones, but water-soluble ink can be re-wetted and manipulated, whereas waterproof ink cannot be re-wetted and is going to dry fixed. 

Water-soluble inks enable the artist to engage in fine and soft line painting.



5. Fabled Fixative


Fixative is a dissolved resin in a colorless spirit solution. It avoids smudging drawings done with pencil, charcoal, or other soft-pigment materials. When sprayed onto a drawing, the spirit solvent evaporates, leaving behind a thin layer of resin that bonds the pigment dust to the support. Even an eraser cannot change a permanent drawing. 

It is possible to work on top of a fixed drawing, and it is usual practice to fix a drawing while it is being created. Fixative should be applied using a CFC-free aerosol and according to the manufacturer's recommendations. There are other bottles with a hand-operated spray and a mouth-spray diffuser.

6. Ice Cream Sticks


Surprisingly versatile and incredibly fun to work with, ice cream sticks, also known as craft sticks or popsicle sticks, offer endless possibilities for creative minds.

These small sticks can be transformed into unique craft projects, including DIY photo frames, miniature houses, and even small sculptures.

The beauty of ice cream sticks lies in their simplicity and accessibility for those seeking a more convenient and comprehensive creative experience.



7. Drawing board


If you are working on single sheets of paper, you need to attach them to a drawing board. It may seem apparent, but ensure that the board is large enough for your paper and that the surface is smooth. 

Rather than using drawing pins to hold the paper to the board, purchase a pair of spring-loaded board clips. A decent art shop can sell you a drawing board, or you may use a sheet of plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

It is not required to have an easel if you are utilizing sketchbooks or paper attached to a board. However, if you find yourself working a lot in places where it is difficult to locate a place to lay a board, you may want to consider investing in a portable sketching easel.

Easels exist in a variety of sizes, so select one that allows you to sit or stand comfortably. Some easels fold into a drawing case while not in use. The most crucial factor in this case is steadiness. 

An easel must be sturdy enough to support your drawing board while also withstanding the pressure and weight you apply while working. An adjustable table easel or a portable sketching easel are also good options.



The colorful universe of painting is filled with diverse tools that help you to express your artistic flair. Moreover, these tools, like fixatives, can be hazardous, so it is essential to practice caution while using them.

Therefore, you should choose tools based on your proficiency level and gradually advance toward your artistic journey.

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