What is a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price in India?

What is a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price in India?

December 11, 2022

Laser cutting machines can provide businesses with fast and efficient ways of cutting and engraving metal. Metal cutting using fiber lasers is not just more efficient than other methods but also requires less deburring and finishing after cutting is completed. Although it is dependent on the material employed laser cutting is known for its precision and accurate cuts.

How much does a Laser Cutter cost?

Prices and costs of fiber laser cutting machines vary significantly based on the type power, model, and application. If you intend to cut metal or other heavy materials, you’ll require higher wattage in contrast with your plan to cut thinner materials such as cloth, paper, and others. The higher the wattage, the greater will be the cost of the machine.

Metal laser cutting machine prices in India are between $80,000 and $250,000! 

The cheapest metal laser cutter can handle tiny, low-volume projects. However, for more commercial projects, you'll need an industrial laser cutting Machine that is likely to be over the mark of $110,000. The majority of companies opt for the services of a laser cutter made from metal instead.

Metal Laser Cutter vs. Metal Laser Cutting Service:

When you compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying the metal laser cutter you could find it less expensive and more efficient to work with a company that already provides Metal Laser Cutting services. There is plenty more to think about beyond the price of the equipment. 

"How much will the laser cutter?" should only be one of the questions. but you need to also think about advantages and disadvantages of buying one laser cutter. And what will be use of your machine after immediate usage.

The advantages of a laser Metal Cutter:

  1. The machines help to ensure your workpieces are in their proper place. Laser-cuts that are short cutters aren't long and are extremely precise. The whole cutting process is completed quicker than conventional methods.
  2. Since each section is created and cut, there is no direct contact of the workpiece with the laser cutter made of metal, which reduces the chance of your materials being contaminated.
  3. In a conventional procedure of segregation, a large amount of heat is produced and the material is melted. Laser cutting reduces the area of heat generated is less and decreases the chance of deformation in the material.
  4. Metal laser cutters use less energy when cutting sheets of metal.
  5. The laser cutters can be extremely flexible they can torch or cut out structures that are either simple or complicated all in one piece.
  6. One or two machines could be utilized to substitute for several other specially designed cutting machines.
  7. Laser cutting and cutting are controlled through computer programming. This ensures precision and minimizes loss.

Disadvantages of a Metal Laser Cutter:

  1.  Metal laser cutters need high energy to complete their tasks. This could result in excessive energy use and a large cost of energy.
  2.  A laser cutter made of metal must be used in a ventilated area, with a fireproof structure and can be costly to install.
  3.  Each machine has its limitations which is why many businesses require various laser cutting machines to finish an assignment.
  4.  Production can take a long time. Although the machines operate automatically, however, they must be monitored. For larger items, several employees should be present to handle a single piece.
  5.  Businesses that specialize in laser cutting of metals can offer the best prices on the materials. If you aren't planning to run large-scale production, you might not get the savings you would by purchasing your laser cutter.

Do you think it is worth buying your own Metal Laser Cutter?

In the end, laser cutting machines can be expensive and take a long time to run. They can begin as low in the range of $80,000 with a tiny one and can go all the way to more than $200,000. While it could be an excellent investment for some businesses but they're not worth the effort for the majority of companies. For the majority of needs, it is possible to reduce time, cost, or headaches by outsourcing your work to an experienced laser cutting service that has the right configuration.

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Reference: https://sltlgroup.blogspot.com/2022/12/how-much-does-cnc-fiber-laser-cutting.html 

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