Mr. Alex

Mr. Alex

SLTL Group is world first CNC fiber laser cutting, marking and welding machine manufacturer in India. Visit to get more information about laser power and price of cutting and marking machines in India.

What is a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price in India?

Laser cutting machines can provide businesses with fast and efficient ways of cutting and engraving metal. Metal cutting using fiber lasers is not just more efficient than other methods but also requires less deburring and finishing after cutting is completed. Read More

CO2 vs. Fiber Laser Machine: Which One Is Better?

The wavelength is the key distinction that defines the types of materials that each laser can treat. The wavelength of a fiber laser is typically 1,060 nm, whereas CO2 lasers have wavelengths in the 10,600 nm range. Fiber lasers have a lower range than CO2 lasers in general. Read More