Why small molecule development?

Why small molecule development?

April 18, 2024

Small molecules play a crucial role in modern drug discovery and development. They are typically organic compounds with a low molecular weight that can easily penetrate cell membranes, making them ideal candidates for targeting intracellular pathways and interacting with specific proteins or enzymes. Small molecule drugs have a proven track record of success in treating a wide range of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and infectious diseases.

By leveraging the potential of small molecules, our clients can benefit from:

Targeted Therapies - Small molecules can be designed to selectively modulate specific biological targets, allowing for precise intervention in disease processes.
Oral Bioavailability - Many small molecules are suitable for oral administration, making them convenient and patient-friendly dosage forms.
Chemical Diversity - The vast chemical space of small molecules provides opportunities for lead optimization and the development of novel drug candidates.
Regulatory Success - Small molecules have a well-established regulatory pathway, facilitating the approval and commercialization process.

Areas covered:

Medicinal Chemistry: medicinal chemists designs and synthesizes novel small molecules to target specific diseases or biological pathways. 

Analytical Chemistry: advanced analytical capabilities to characterize and analyze small molecules at every stage of development, including structure elucidation, impurity profiling, stability testing, and method development/validation, ensuring the quality and integrity of your small molecule candidates.

Formulation Development: scientists work closely with our clients to develop optimal formulations for small molecules, ensuring their stability, solubility, and bioavailability. ions.

Process Development and Scale-up: process development and scale-up services to facilitate the manufacturing of small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and preparations.

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