Protheragen-ING Joins the DCAT Association

By joining forces with DCAT, Protheragen-ING, a supplier of Vitamin C Products, API Products, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Packaging & Equipment, Veterinary Products, aims to contribute to the advancement of drug development and manufacturing. Read More

Protheragen-ING Announces Supply of Varieties of Veterinary Products for Medical Studies

Protheragen-ING, a leading supplier of pharmaceutical products, has recently announced the launch of a wide range of veterinary products supply to cater to the growing demand for high-quality animal healthcare products. Read More

Basic Requirements on Dry Powder Inhalation Excipients

Dry powder inhalation excipients are ingredients used in the formulation of dry powder formulations for inhalation delivery. Read More

Protheragen-ING Lab, a Trustworthy GLP Service Provider, Unveils Its Cutting-Edge Medical Device Services

Protheragen-ING Lab, a well-known and reputable Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) service provider, has recently unveiled its cutting-edge medical device services. Read More

Why small molecule development?

Small molecules play a crucial role in modern drug discovery and development. Read More