Effects of Endocytosis on the Receptor Targeting Mechanism of ADC Drugs

Currently, the FDA has approved 14 ADC drugs for marketing, and hundreds more are in clinical trials. Read More

How To Prepare For IB Chemistry High Level?

IB Chemistry is an essential subject that explains life at the molecular level. There are a lot of abstract concepts in IB Chemistry, so tutors and students will need to put in a lot of time and effort. Read More

The Liposome-Based PROTAC Strategy

The LipoSM-PROTAC system exhibits selective degradation of target proteins, with folate serving as a key ligand. In this study, the researchers used the estrogen receptor protein (ERα) as a model and confirmed the significant degradation of ERα in in vitro experiments using this system. Read More

Review of ADC Linker and Research Progress

The linker is not only the molecule part of the covalent link between the antibody and the small molecule payload, but also a key element with design properties in targeted drug therapy. Read More

Research Progress on Aluminum Adjuvants and Their Mechanisms of Action

Aluminum adjuvants have been used in billions of doses of vaccines over the last 100 years, primarily in children and adolescents. Despite their limitations, such as their relative inability to induce robust cell-mediated (Th1) immune responses and susceptibility to freezing, their documented safety and tolerability, as well as their low cost, continue to make this class of adjuvants a very attractive component of vaccines. Read More

An Overview of Isotopes

Isotopes are different atoms of the same element with the same number of protons and different numbers of neutrons called isotopes of each other, which can also be interpreted as different nuclides of the same element called isotopes of each other. Read More

Liposomes in Anti-tumour Drug Carriers

Chemotherapy with anti-tumor agents is currently one of the most important systemic treatments for cancer. However, direct treatment with drugs lacks specificity and sensitivity and tends to attack normal cells indiscriminately, resulting in side effects. Liposomes, as drug carriers, provide a superior solution for maintaining or enhancing the efficacy of chemotherapy while reducing the severity of reactions and side effects. Read More