5 ideas for recycling furniture - what can you do?

5 ideas for recycling furniture - what can you do?

January 01, 2024

Furniture recycling seems like a sci-fi term if we look at our history of the last 30 years. However, I affirm that the overflow of furniture is beginning to overflow, and we, have also reached saturation.

Before 1989, you stood in line and bought furniture only by luck. The choice of style or color was a matter of imagination, you were happy if you received the receipt that allowed you to get a living room set from the furniture factory. Only the wealthiest - nomenclature specialists, lawyers, doctors, and factory managers ordered their furniture from craftsmen who worked after hours in improvised workshops in garages or cellars. There was no furniture recycling because you had nothing to throw away. No one threw away Used furniture and Appliances, everyone passed it on, in case something better or newer came along.

As a result, if you have old furniture and want to do something with it, you have the following 5 options:

  1. Sell ​​it! – When it looks good, the finish is imperceptibly affected by time, and the material is preferable as solid wood, you do this: publish ads with detailed images on the classifieds sites and pray that someone will have it. Ask for a price that saves you the shipping and justifies the purchase second-hand, instead of a new product. Help the buyer take it from you from the house.
  2. Donate it! – You're lucky if you find someone who wants it even for free. The best opportunities are found among friends. Your furniture must still be usable, without functional defects, and with a finish only affected by wear and tear. You cannot give the wardrobe in the bedroom, it has custom sizes, but you can provide chairs, tables, or desks.
  3. Furniture recycling through refinishing   – before you get rid of it, refinishing can completely revitalize any piece of furniture. Consider Kraft paint among your DIY options.
  4. Try to find a new use for it. Convert a ladder into bookshelves or a towel rack. An old door can be at the head of a bed. Do not forget the furniture from pallets.
  5. Send it to a specialized furniture recycling center. You don't have many options in Romania. If you break the cabinets into slabs, then carry it yourself and stay in Timișoara, you can deliver a maximum of 5 m3/month per person. In Baia Mare, the Roma take them from the containers, although it is not allowed to throw them there.

Tips for online sales success: 

•          Beyond how you present the products for sale, it's also important how they look in reality. Clean them first and see that they are in the best possible condition. For example, he washes clothes, dust furniture, and checks volumes of books for bent or missing pages. By following the given steps you can easily sell your furniture to used furniture buyers in Dubai.

•          Place the product on a neutral background when you want to photograph it (not on flowery carpets) and make sure you have good light falling on the product.

•          Photograph the product from multiple angles. Pay attention to important details: ingredients, material, expiration date, warranty, etc.

•          Describe in as much detail as possible the product you are selling, including the degree of wear and tear, whether it is new or not.

•          It provides the exact dimensions.

•          Do not use photo filters or exaggerated beautification tricks - you risk that the photo will not look like the real product.

Yard Sale events are another place where you can sell different items, this time offline – usually clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, and other clothing accessories. 

•          The good part: you interact face-to-face with customers, who see the clothes directly and can try them on, so the chances of a sale increase.

•          The disadvantage is that you have to travel to the event location with all the things, arrange them at the stand, and spend several hours there, so it requires an investment of time.

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