Who can call for professional moving services?

Who can call for professional moving services?

January 18, 2024

Are you planning to change your home or company location soon? Do you want this to be done quickly and with maximum safety?

In this situation, you need a very important recommendation. The company Movers and Packers in Dubai is a company specializes in moving services and other types of services related to moving furniture or things, from one location to another. It is a very serious company, it has a lot of experience in this field, it works with very well trained and kind people.

The offer of Delight Movers

To know if this recommendation is exactly what you need for the move you are about to make, we present to you all the types of services included in the Delight Movers company's portfolio: company moving services Dubai, residential moving services, headquarters moving services, international moving services, domestic furniture transport services, international furniture transport services, storage services, bespoke furniture services, storage and cleaning services, recycling services - scrapping information.

All the services presented above are available to people living in the city of Dubai, both for private individuals and for companies.

There are situations in which the company can offer useful services to people who live in other localities of the country or in localities abroad.

For all the necessary details, we recommend that you contact one of the company's representatives, to find out if there are solutions and how the problems can be solved in the shortest possible time.

Professional moving services

In order to get a price offer from the Furniture Movers Dubai company for furniture moving services, you will have to talk on the phone with a person from the company, who, if necessary, will travel anywhere in Dubai or in another locality in the country, to determine on the spot what you need to move your things.

It matters a lot for setting the price, how many furniture transports you need, it matters if the furniture has to be dismantled and then moved to its place, its weight matters, the distance to the new location, etc.

Most customers, in such situations, also opt for the services of packing and unpacking things from home or office. They are useful services for people who do not have the necessary time or much help and, above all, for those who are in a hurry. Packaging boxes, special stretch films, or bubble wrap will be provided by the company, you will not have to buy them yourself.

The transport services are professional, 

which is why the company guarantees you by contract the integrity of the transported goods. There is even the possibility of concluding special insurance policies for the transport of your belongings.

The services included in the company's offer can also be contracted individually. You will not need to contract moving services or international transport, to benefit from storage services or cleaning services.


We assure you that our furniture and goods moving services include the guarantee of anything transported, regardless of the distance traveled. Moreover, whether you need furniture transport services in Dubai or you will request transport services in distant localities in the country or abroad, your pieces of furniture as well as other things will be transported quickly and will be kept in perfect condition.

Because more and more people manage to get the much-desired house and because apartments are no longer fashionable because they have become too cramped, we have also prepared a package of furniture Storage services in Dubai for special situations, as well as services for relocating homes or company headquarters.

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