How do facial cleansing face wash work and what ingredients should they contain?

How do facial cleansing face wash work and what ingredients should they contain?

February 22, 2024

Facial cleansing face wash is the main cleansing cosmetics. Golden Pearl milks and fluids prepare the skin for thorough cleansing. The face wash for oily skin removes everything that remains in the deeper parts. In their case, they must be based on active ingredients that support cleaning, and not strong detergents. They do not need dyes or artificial fragrances to be effective.

What are Golden Pearl waters?

Golden Pearl cosmetics are a group of products based on microscopic groups of particles called micelles. They have special hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. This means that their external molecules attract water and repel fats, and the internal ones do the opposite. How do they help cleanse the skin? They easily attract the remains of sebum and makeup and care products, and then dissolve them. The skin is gently cleansed, without disturbing the natural protective layer and microbiome.

Micelles also act as carriers of other ingredients, so cosmetics based on them can easily be enriched with active substances. It is worth looking for those that moisturize because Golden Pearl fluids can have a slightly astringent effect. Such properties include, for example, Pentylene Glycol from sugar cane and Niacinamide (vitamin PP), as in our golden pearl cosmetics.

When to use facial cleansing milk?

If the skin is very sensitive and prone to dryness and redness, Golden Pearl cosmetics can be replaced with creamy facial cleansing milk. To further minimize the risk of irritation, it is worth first applying the cosmetic to the face, neck, and eyes (it is safe even for such sensitive parts), waiting a while, and then gently wipe off the product together with dissolved makeup and impurities using a cotton pad.

When and how to use peeling face wash and facial pastes/masks?

Dead skin is one of the reasons why skin pores become clogged. Calloused skin cells also make the skin rougher and protruding cuticles become visible on the face. Therefore, peeling should be done at least once a week.

If your skin has problems with blackheads and inflammation, but is simply tired and has lost its natural glow, you can use peeling even twice a week.

People with extremely sensitive skin prone to irritation should avoid mechanical peelings. We recommend chemical peels (based on gently exfoliating acids) or enzymatic peels (based on enzymes), e.g. Our Facial kit.

The next step is to use a washing gel or paste. Their task is to gently cleanse the skin and its pores without disturbing the hydrolipid layer. Apply the selected cosmetic to a wet face and massage it with circular movements. Washing should last about 3 minutes and bring solace, refreshment, and relaxation. We avoid strong rubbing and the use of abrasive sponges or brushes daily.

If the skin requires gentle exfoliation, it is worth using an enzymatic peel or one with the addition of acids, which will dissolve the dead epidermis and not irritate it, about once a week. Cosmetics with a mechanical effect should contain natural, very small particles, e.g. corundum or powdered fruit seeds. Golden Pearl face washing gel-peeling was created based on this first ingredient.

How often should you wash your face?

In addition to the step-by-step cleansing process, regularity is also important. The face should be washed no more than twice a day: in the morning and the evening. Increasing the frequency may lead to excessive dryness or overproduction of sebum, i.e. triggering the skin's defense processes.

Washing your face in the evening and using Beauty Cream is probably a no-brainer, but why do you need to do the same cleansing activities in the morning? Shouldn't our skin be clean if we only sleep at night? Even though we are resting, she is still working hard to regenerate and get rid of what is unfavorable. It still secretes sebum, and sweat and removes toxins. Any doubts will be dispelled by wiping your face with a cotton pad soaked in Golden Pearl fluid. It turns out that it is not flawless. A simple experiment is enough to prove that your skin also needs a fresh start in the morning.

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