Swiftly и Most Ingenious Methods for Exporting VCF Contacts to Excel

Swiftly и Most Ingenious Methods for Exporting VCF Contacts to Excel

June 02, 2024

How can a vCard be turned into an Excel spreadsheet?
In Excel, how can I export contacts from a VCF file?

Reasons to Convert VCF Contacts to Excel

Users can choose to convert VCF to Excel for the following inexplicable reasons, which are listed below:

  • Users occasionally wish to examine vCard contacts in Excel so they can make edits.
  • Users are aware of the variety of operations that Excel can do.
  • Users can access all the information without importing it into any particular program or device after converting vCard to Excel format.
  • Excel files can be edited and analyzed using a variety of tools.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • You can export vCards one at a time to individual Excel files, but it takes time. Furthermore, data security is not guaranteed, and even a tiny mistake might result in data loss.
  • To do this activity, you will need to use Google Contacts or Windows as a mediator.
  • This is a time-consuming process that calls for some technical expertise. Thus, problems might arise for non-technical users.

Utilize Software For Bhurdlesulk vCard to Excel Conversion

If you wish to convert contacts from VCF files to Excel spreadsheets, Softaken vCard to CSV Converter is the ideal tool. Anyone can effectively save vCard to Excel using this program without losing any user data. It works with all vCard files, including those in versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. This program allows users to alter VCF files in Google Drive, iCloud, Outlook, Skype, and other programs. The converted files are then saved in an Excel spreadsheet. All Microsoft Windows operating systems support seamless operation of the vCard to CSV Converter. Users can migrate VCFContacts to Excel without facing any hurdles.

How can I Import Contacts into An Excel Spreadsheet From a vCard?

  • Installing the VCF to Excel Converter on your computer is the first step.
browse vcf
  • Choose the vCard files that are needed for the export procedure. There are two methods for doing this: selecting files and selecting directories.
  • Examine the vCard file preview and enable the ones that are required.
vcard to csv
  • Next, select CSV from the list of saving choices after navigating to it.
  • Next, specify where you want to save the converted Excel files after making your selection.
  • Finally, to start the conversion, click the Convert button. The vCard to CSV conversion procedure is displayed on your screen.
  • You will receive a report titled "Conversion Completed" once processing is finished. To go out, tap the OK button.
export vcard to csv
  • The vCard to Excel import procedure is now complete. To open the resulting CSV file with an Excel sheet, double-click on it.

Prime Features of the Offline Tool for Converting vCard to CSV

  • Mass Export Contacts from a VCF File to Excel: This program allows you to export contacts in mass from a VCF file to Excel. It does not restrict conversion in any way. As many vCard files as you'd like can be converted to Excel.
  • Two Methods to Load VCF Data: When importing vCard files into the toolkit for conversion, you have two methods at your disposal. You can load one or more vCard files using the "Select Files" option, or you can import an entire folder of vCard files using the "Select Folders" option. Thus, you are able to import many files at once.
  • Ensures Data Integrity: Throughout the VCF file conversion process, the solution maintains the integrity of all data and information.
  • No Need for Additional Application: Since this is a stand-alone program, converting vCard files to Excel sheets doesn't require opening an additional program.
  • Maintains Integrity Contact Details: The application will contain all of the contact details, including the complete name, email address, company, job title, website address, business address, business phone number, home phone number, business fax number, mobile phone number, and home address, when you import contacts from a vCard file into Excel.
  • Supports All vCard File Versions: This VCF to CSV Converter works with all vCard file versions, including vCard 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, and so on.

The Conclusion

How to convert a vCard file to an CSV file is described ina this article. The manual method has limitations while being free. If you need to export greater volumes of data, the automated approach is recommended. It functions well for exporting a modest number of contacts from vCard to CSV. Take benefit of the free trial edition of this program to gauge its efficacy. Once you're satisfied, you can buy the license keys for the product.

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