Tips & Tricks to Import & Add VCF Contacts to Google Contact Account

Tips & Tricks to Import & Add VCF Contacts to Google Contact Account

June 21, 2024

In brief: User Inquiry: "My system contains more than 800 VCF contacts." Trying to control and arrange them all at once is challenging. I now want to import VCF files into Google Contacts so that I can access and save all of my contacts in one location. However, manually moving over 800 contacts to Google Contacts is a laborious operation. Please provide a quick and reliable method for doing this!

Since Google Contacts makes managing contacts simple, a lot of customers look for ways to import numerous VCFs into Google Contacts. We'll go over some fundamental information regarding VCF files and Google Contacts in this blog. Additionally, you will get to investigate different methods for moving contacts from VCF to Google Contacts.

VCF files with Google Contacts: what are they?

Contact information is stored in the plain text file format known as VCF (Virtual Contacts File), often referred to as a vCard File. Information including the contact name, email address, home address, phone number, business, position title, and other particulars can be stored. It makes contact sharing simple and allows address books and contacts to be moved between email clients. Adding vCard contacts to Google Contacts, Outlook, GSuite, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo, SeaMonkey, and other email clients is a simple procedure.

If you send emails using Gmail, you might have noticed that after entering a name, your email address shows up. When you hit Enter, the email address gets added to the list of recipients. Google Contacts thus records all of the contact information. An essential Google tool for contact management is Google Contacts. It keeps all of the contact details of everyone you speak with easily accessible. It's simpler to handle, easier to arrange, and gathers all contacts in one location.

Let's continue by analyzing how you can import vCard or VCF files into Google Contacts.

Upload a vCard (VCF) by hand into Google Contacts.

To import several VCFs into Google Contacts, Google does not offer an effortless option. However, this manual technique allows you to upload a single VCF file at a time. Take the actions listed below:

  • Log into your Gmail account first.
  • Go to the icon for Google Apps.
  • Locate Google Contacts by sliding left. To access Google Contacts, click on it.
  • Select the import option by clicking on it.
  • Windows for importing contacts show up on the screen.
  • Select a VCF file from the system by clicking the Select File button.
  • Click Import once the VCF file has been added.
  • You've successfully added your VCF file contact to Gmail.

With this manual strategy, adding VCF to Google Contacts is simple. But if you have a large number of VCF files, the procedure will take a while. You must carry out each step differently to import each VCF file. It is thus best to choose a better alternative because the process will take a long time.

Using a Professional Tool to Import VCF Files to Google Contacts

With the Softaken VCF to CSV Converter, importing VCF files into Google Contacts can be simpler. Once VCF files have been converted to CSV file formats, you can import many VCFs into Google Contacts. VCF and vCard files are effectively converted to Google CSV files using the program. In addition, batch-converting VCF files to CSV is possible without losing any data.

The method includes two main parts. These are:

  • Change VCF files into CSV files.
  • Google Contacts can import CSV files.
  • Let's continue the process from here.
  • First, convert the vCard contact files to CSV files.

It is recommended that duplicate contacts in vCard files be removed before converting VCF files to CSV. Softaken vCard Duplicate Remover makes it simple to get rid of all duplicate contacts and provides precise results. Additionally, adhere to the instructions below to convert VCF to CSV:

First, convert VCF files to CSV files.

It is recommended that duplicate contacts in vCard files be removed before converting VCF files to CSV. To quickly remove every duplicate contact and obtain a precise result, utilize VCF Duplicate Remover. Use the Software method to Import & Add VCF Contacts to Google Contact Account. Also, adhere to the steps below to convert VCF to CSV: 

  • Open the VCF to CSV Converter software on Softaken.
  • For VCF files to be added to the program, click Add Files/Add Folder.
  • Click Next after adding the required VCF files to the system.
  • From the list of destination file types, choose Google CSV.
  • You have the option of converting the contact photo together with or without the VCF to CSV.
  • To begin the VCF to CSV conversion, click Convert.
  • Importing CSV files into Google Contacts is the second step to effectively converting VCF to Google Contacts.

Step 2: Fill in Google Contacts using a CSV import.

  • Launch the Google Contacts app.
  • At the top of the page, select Create Contact.
  • Choose the option to create numerous contacts after that.
  • Click the Import Contacts button.
  • Click Select File now to include a CSV file.
  • Select the CSV file stored on the system.
  • Press the Import button.
  • Thus, importing a VCF file into Google Contacts is as simple as this:.

In Summary,

This blog post's primary goal was to describe the VCF import process for Google Contacts. I hope you've discovered the ideal answer you were searching for. While the manual technique is straightforward to use, it might not be the best option if you want to convert VCF files in mass to Google Contacts. Professional tools could thus be the better option.

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